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Mobile App

SPAR Store Loyalty Discounts App

Project Overview:

Due to the SPAR business model being a voluntary trade type franchise, Retailers wanted to adopt their loyalty program in their stores so each retailer could provide their customers and communities with a tailor-made rewards program. The App had to cater to all use cases. The success of the UX was critical so that customers did not have any negative experience when interacting with the App in all the different stores. I managed to design a generic one size fits all solution that catered to all the other store types and LSM groups. Another essential item the UX of the App had to solve that Retailers faced was the time it took to solve IT-related issues. I helped solve this problem by ensuring the App was highly user-friendly and self-managed, which reduced the number of support calls and saved Retailers money and time on employing staff to manage the App.

Research & Testing:

Due to the retail experience I gained from growing up in a family business, I understand customers and their limited attention span, so I designed the app to be intuitive and quick to use, which made it easy for customers to receive their rewards and leave the store in only a few minutes. For early testing, I installed the app in two stores, one was in a low LSM market, and the other store was in a high LSM market so that I could gain insights on how both markets, low and high, would adapt and use the app as there are vast differences between the two. As part of my testing, I was physically based at these stores and engaged with customers, gaining valuable feedback, perfecting the app and its user experience.

Work Done:
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Design Thinking & Journey Mapping
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Competitive analysis
  • Usability testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Average time on task testing